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That Stupid Apricot's Icons

(aka crack made by me)

that apricot in the bottom of the bowl
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This is the icon journal of threepwillow. It updates VERY sporadically.

If you're looking for icons from a specific fandom, you can use my tags! ♥

I have a tendency to make obscene amounts of text-only icons, especially for Animorphs.

My icons used to kind of suck, but I like to think I'm getting better! ♥?

If you take an icon, please comment to tell me you are doing so! I like to make new friends. Also, be sure to credit me in some way, like in the comments on your icon page.

For the curious, I'm using ArcSoft PhotoStudio 5.5 to make my icons.

Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy my icons! ♥